Click the links below to view a sampling of the websites I've designed.  Each is for a different type of organization and meant to provide you with a starting point for discussion.
Sample Websites by Anita Diamond
Websites designed around your needs
Homeowners Associations
These typically are used as a bulletin board for the Board of Directors to keep the members up to date on what is going on in the community.  They change frequently, although some of the information is kept on the website as a permanent record. 
Social Organization
This type of organization has events to publish on a regular basis.  Also important on this type of site is the print function.  Every flyer has a print button on the page so that the members can print flyers for their groups.  The most complex part of this site is the literature page, designed to be interactive while not using the standard "out of the box' shopping cart.
Showcase single Item for Sale
Here we have a piece of art that needed to be shown to collectors across the country.  The goal was to provide a plethora of views so that there could be no confusion about the condition or pedigree of the artwork.
House for Sale
I have done quite a few websites for people looking to show their homes in the best possible light, both literally and figuratively.  Each homeowner had a different idea of which features to showcase and how they wanted to see it done.
This type of website is a vehicle for displaying options and suggestions for the client to view during the creation of a website.  It is intended only to help the creative process reflect what the client is trying to accomplish.